Friday, November 17, 2006

Last Week's Craft Fair

I did my one and only craft fair of the season last week. It is always lots of work but I did it and I really enjoyed doing the show. I love making and wrapping the soaps, and doing all my other products. I love standing back and just looking at everything I've made. What I don't like is getting up predawn to cart ALL that heavy stuff somewhere set it up, then cart the REST home and have to put it away!

I've been tired all week but I am catching up. My nephew who is in the Navy is visiting for the weekend with a buddy and I am having Thanksgiving here so I have done very little knitting but as soon as the turkey is wrapped and put away I'm giving myself a sitting on the couch and knit day. So far I have the back of my new Cozy Cottage Sweater done.


trek said...

Way to go, Frances - hope we see you Monday!

Amanda Cathleen said...

wow! Look at all the good stuff. Hope you did well, and enjoy time with your nephew!