Sunday, December 03, 2006

Getting Away for the Weekend

Well after a pretty stressful week I went for a "girls out" weekend with a friend. We spent the weekend in Pennsylvania. Just staying in a hotel, eating out, no cooking (like I cook anymore!), no laundry, no dogs or cats OR kids!!!!! WHAT A TREAT We went to two yarn stores and I got more yarn then I did at Stitches (like I need more yarn!) I made a quick scarf to send off to my Secret Pal 9. We went to the Pennsylvania Christmas Gift show. It was fun to spend a day with my friend and her sister but the show itself was disappointing. LOTS of buy and sell and very little craft or original products. I did manage to purchase a few items. Got some nice soap, some interesting ornaments,& unique tin work.
When I got home I found two pencil sketches which my nephew's friend made of Bob.He made a special trip to drop them off. They are so good and beautifully framed and capture so much of Bob's spirit. I really was moved by this young man's generosity.
I'm hoping that the coming week will be less stressful but I doubt it. I have a project at school I find stressful and I have lots of work to do. Last week, I forgot the dog in the yard and had to call someone (THANKS DEBBIE) to let him in after I left for work. Once I really did let him in and forgot that I did but Friday I really had left him out!!


Becky said...

Glad you got away and had a great time Frances! I would have loved to have been there! : )

trek said...

Sounds lovely! Coming tonight?