Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Less Stress NEVER

While I was away this weekend, my daughter called and said that she thought she had developed a hernia. I really thought it was unlikely as Caroline is young, thin and not prone to heavy lifting. I gave her my usual advise about going to the DR. And she did and she does. So after a trip to the doctor and the emergency room she is being evaluated by a surgeon this morning. It's amazing how quickly my big deal project at work was canceled. The upside to this is that she does not have an infection and I did get about 5 inches of razor clam lace done yesterday in all our travels. Please wish her luck and keep her in your prayers.


Amanda Cathleen said...

oh no! I will be keeping you and your daughter in my thoughts and prayers. Hope everything goes well : )

trek said...

Yikes - now we know why you weren't with us last night!