Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Wonderful Gift

I came home one night this week feeling blue and full of thoughts that this is the first Christmas since Bob died this summer and I found a box on my front stoop. Great, I thought my Humbug Swap box from Soapnuts. I love the swap that Denise puts together each year but I was feeling not so festive. When I opened the box, I was floored to find a handspun, hand knit prayer shawl from Cheryl. I wrapped myself up in it and have had a hard time taking it off! I have the book Kniting into the Mystery by Jorgensen and Izard and I have thought of making one for someone else often but I never thought that someone would do this for me!
The shawl is a beautiful dark, cocoa brown with white highlights.It is warm and comforting and just the right size to wear outside as a shawl but also to snuggle up in at home.
My cheappo camera can't show how beautiful this really is nor can I ever thank Cheryl enough for putting so much time, love and energy into it for me.


trek said...

Oh, Frances, that is beautiful!

knitnthings said...

WOW - it's fabulous!!