Saturday, February 10, 2007

Correction to previous post!

The previous post has a mistake!!!!I don't know how that slightly naughty beach picture got into my bathroom and scone post but here are the photos that really go with it. I've tried to correct it and I think that blogger is off for the weekend!


Jackie said...

OMG, you must be horrified. Just a suggestion. Change your log on password,just in case.
The former ownersof the house sure liked that color of Pepto-Bismol..

Katya said...

Frances! I found your blog again! Yay! About that picture...some pervert somehow inserted that...I had made an entry to my blog about Michelle and my "naughty puppy". I IMMEDIATELY got a comment from a pervert. Somehow, there are some psychos out there looking in blogs for trouble...I think the title of your post caught someone's attention. No idea how they could insert the picture, though.
The bathroom looks great! hehehe I know what a great feeling it is to see things that have bothered you a long time say bye-bye! So, here's to the NEW fixtures! AND, your brother for doing the job for COOL is that!!!