Saturday, February 03, 2007

Got a swap box from Sweden!

What a generous box I got from Klara in Sweden. This is from the Townsend Knitalong Sock Bag Swap. In the top left corner is the bag with sewn on embellishments of patches and buttons. She send tea, chocolates, flower seeds, a scented soap, nail oil, note cards and a beautiful postcard. The knitting part was a really overkill! Sock yarn and an intersting pattern, mohair yarn for a scarf and an interesting pattern and a set of beautiful stitch markers. I've already enjoyed one of the chocolates and I'll be starting the yarns soon!
I'm in the process of doing some needed repair work around my house, fixing and repairing boring stuff like roofs, gutters and backyard gates and replacing a bathroom from top to bottom! The bathroom part is fun BUT the whole project is very stressful for me. I've never done anything like this on my own and of course it is costing way more then I planned. I also find that I am happy with what I have until I start going out and seeing what else is available! NOW I get greedy and want everything! SO to pay for all this stuff I'm probably going to stash knit for years. What is really sad is that I can do it!


trek said...

Nothing wrong with stash knitting. And better to get what you want since it is costing so much anyhow.

Denise in PA said...

Ohhh, look at those fab chocolates! :) Love the colors in that sock yarn. Hope you are surviving this super cold weather...maybe it hasn't made it that far east, here's hoping! It's 8 degrees right now...daytime high!

Amanda Cathleen said...

what a great package!! Looks like you got spoiled ; )
Glad to hear your son's surgery went ok