Tuesday, February 06, 2007


When I moved into my house Steven was in 2nd grade and Caroline was in 1st grade. They are now 24 and 22. My bathroom on our main floor was every shade of pink known to man with a PINK and BLACK floor. It was seriously ugly. We were going to renovate it right away. One thing lead to another and we never did renovate the bathroom and all my weak decorating attempts were no match to the pinkness of that room. My kids grew up never encouraging guest visiting of the bathroom. We do have a normal bathroom done in restful shades of almond downstairs. I'm not even going to talk about the top floor bathroom's turquoise toilet! Well today that ugly pink tub is sticking out of a dumpster in my driveway and the pink toilet is finally out of sight forever! That ugly room was ripped out to the studs. It really looks better! In the next few day hopefully it will be transformed into the only room in the house where everything is new, matches and even works! When it is finished I am going to have a dinner party and serve only liquids and encourage bathroom visits!
On the knitting front, I am working on an endless black sock fron Lisa Souza yarn oil slick colorway. I really like it and I know I will wear ir often BUT it is really boring to knit. Just black with a tiny bit of green and some slipped stitches.


Violet said...

i grew up in a house with a turquoise toilet and bathtub! and worst of all, there was yellow and brown floral wall paper in the same bathroom. it was awful!

Amanda Cathleen said...

I like pink, but gesh not that much!! Thats wayyy to much pink! ack! Can't wait to see a picture of the new bath

Denise in PA said...

The house my parents live in...my bedroom was pink! In fact, almost every room in the house had pink in it somewhere. However both toilets and the tub were white! I had a best friend whose toilet was purple! Now *that* I could live with! ;) I love the sounds of that sock yarn...boring colors and all...sounds like my sister's sort of yarn/sock!