Sunday, February 18, 2007

lots of work progress hard to find!

I used to inwardly roll my eyes when someone went on and on about having work done in their house. I used to think "How bad could it be?" Well, now I know! One the bright side everything that is being done is necessary and will add to the value and comfort of my house. On the side I see and am living with every day , there is more dust then I thought was possible. I'm not even doing the work and my hair is always dusty. everything has extra hidden STUFF .WRONG. Everything takes three times as long and is costing way more then I expected. BUT my brother is doing this for me at cost during a slowish time of the year for him. Or it was slowish until he started working for me and then he got quite a few emergency jobs.
The more I do around here the more I want to get done! Yesterday I changed out the curtains in the kitchen, painted the window sills and window frames, the bathroom door and in general decluttered the kitchen & this was after going to Home Depot, Lowes, Linen & Things, the Library and the A&P. This morning I hopped put of bed, drove over the my sister's house to get my grandmother and her twenty bags and boxes of stuff, get stuck on ice and had to chop out a ton to get out of their driveway. Since I've been home, I've been rubbing off the grout haze on the bathroom tiles, cooking for everyone, doing laundry, finishing work on the kitchen and taking care of my grandmother. My grandmother is 96 and really a pip. She said today that she will be no trouble to me at all and I should just go about my normal stuff. Yes, she is not trouble but she needs three cooked meals a day, help with showering and getting around, and always needs just a bit of help with her hearing aide, or walker or something. Monday, we start with the plumber, roofer and his helper and my brother and his helper, all over again! Tonight my son is coming for dinner and to drop off his laundry. I'm not complaining but another full week of this and I'll be too exhausted to go back to work! AND I HAVE GOTTEN NOT A STITCH OF KNITTING DONE OR EVEN GOTTEN TO OPEN MY LIBRARY BOOKS!!!!!


Katya said...

Frances, with a week of this, you will look FORWARD to will seem CALMING! hehehe I know how hard it is...Mark also needs help from time to time. He TRIES not to be a bother, but it is hard when he cannot even carry stuff across the room. Just think how terrific everything is gonna be when it is completed! Mark built this house from the ground up and we thought it was going to take forever! It still needs some things done, but it needs paint and remodeling. Home ownership is great, but sometimes it is quite strenuous...on both the body and budget! Cannot wait to see the finished work! Hang on...when it is done, you will forget about the inconveniences!

Duane and Nancy said...

Oy! You wore me out with how busy you are, I think I'll go back to bed now that I'm tired again :)

Sounds like it will really be worth all the work though.