Monday, May 28, 2007

Monday Memorial Day

I can't believe it's already Monday! I've been BUSY all weekend. Tuesday the patio project starts so the driveway has 5 tons of crushed stone dust and 5 pallets of pavers and edgers. It also appears that the one piece of plumbing that was not replaced during the huge bathroom redo has failed SO if you use my tub or shower you also water the back yard! Fortunately, the water is leaking exactly where the patio is being built. If the concrete was still there the leak might have gone undetected for a long time. My brother is arranging the work so I know he'll take care of it!

Because the plumbing might have to be reached from the crawl space OR the wall of the soap kitchen which backs up the bathroom I had to do a major clean out of the soap kitchen. I don't know what gene in me makes me save each and every scrap of junk that gets into my hands. It's a good thing I cleaned out this room before I died or my kids would have brought me back to life to do it!!

SO, today I am taking it easy, meeting friends for lunch then having a friend and her daughter come over. I plan to knit and relax.


Sharon said...

Have a nice and relaxing day!!!

Katya said...

I hope you had an enjoyable day today!

I love your visuals of cleaning up! I am NOT a packrat. I dream of living in a tiny house with JUST the necessities! Mark, OTOH, is "more" of a packrat. He saves so many things, it drives me nuts. There are always little homeless pieces of (what *I* call) junk lying about on my counters, driving me to distraction!!! I HATE too much stuff! hehehehe I didn't use to be like that. Life has really rearranged my thinking, especially lately!

Denise in PA said...

LOL, when you find that gene that makes you hoard everything you touch...please let me know so I can have it surgically removed ASAP!

And about that in the world do you find time to knit? I'm so tied up that most days it's either sleep or knit. And since I survive on 4-6 hours of sleep a night (sometimes less) I usually choose "sleep".