Friday, November 02, 2007

A FO finally!

I finished my Seamingly Simple Vest yesterday and wore it to school today. I still don't have a working camera but my vest is exactly like the one on the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Site. I even did it in the sample color, Lagoon. How unoriginal-- but I'm very pleased with it and it felt so cozy. A few people told me it should have pockets and one 5th grade boy explained exactly how I could have done it and he was very accurate!
I was doing a demo lesson today and several kids in that room told me that they like my vest but were disappointed with my socks. We got into a brief discussion about my too plain for them socks (Lisa Souza oil slick colorway, black with small drifts of green). It's funny how many kids in my school associate knitting and Math!
I want to make a few more vests for the winter. I think I get more use from a wool vest then a wool sweater. Today it was fun to wear my own hand knit socks, vest and sweater.

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Katya said...

Oh Frances! That vest is so pretty! Yes, I went and looked at it on the Blue Moon site! It certainly does look cozy and PRETTY! AND, the blues and greens do look like the colors one might find in a lagoon!

I think it is so cool that the kids are interested in your knitting. It is as though it "knits" you together with them! I think so many teachers tend to be stand-offish with their students and the kids don't like it. They love to feel "included" whether they say so (or act that way) or not. You are certainly a rare and "called" teacher, for sure!

I certainly hope Santa puts a camera under your tree this year! I want to see all of your projects! (I am VERY visual oriented, but you would never know it, eh?)

I love vests, too. They make you feel so nice and toasty on cold days with dragging sleeves into everything...cold water, hot water, food, etc!!!!!