Sunday, November 25, 2007

Got a great package from my coffee swap partner

I got a wonderful box from Liz full of Texas treats. She sent French Roast Sunset Blend from Mozart's in Austin, a taste of Austin from Central Market, and two samplers of South Texas Pecan and Texas Velvet Hammer. I can't wait to try them. And to drink all that coffee in she sent a cup from Luckenbach. I also got a Kona Buzz Brownie which was delicious and it is certainly gone!

The yarn she sent was just as yummy. A skein of yarn from Brooks Farm a luscious blend of blues this yarn is a blend of wool,silk and vicose. AND a Knitclinic Yarn Buttercups on the Breeze which I believe she did the dye work. I also have a new pattern for a lace scarf.

Thanks Liz everything in the box was just wonderful.


Liz G. said...

I'm so glad you got it and like the things! The Mozart coffee was roasted as we waited, watching the sunset over Lake Austin. When I get home, I'll send pictures of it actually roasting - along with the sunset!

Katya said...

Frances, I don't do coffee, but let me tell you...that yarn has me DROOLING!!! hehehe

I think I (finally) decided to frame the crochet I had questioned about on my blog. SO, I am now crocheting a really easy pattern for some Scottie valances. Yeah, I know, I need to have my head examined!!! Will post a photo on my blog sometime soon.

Now you are going to have to photograph some of your knitting...I am so anxious to SEE your projects!!!

Hope you are all "up to snuff" and feeling GREAT now!

Katya said...

Hey Frances, I got tagged to do a little meme (7 random/weird facts about me) and am tagging you, ONLY if you want to and have a few minutes to do it!