Thursday, November 08, 2007

Got some unexpected KNITTING in

This weekend I was feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work I needed to do at my school and I was thinking that my knitting would be only in short spurts for a while. Well, you just never know!

I went to a party Sat night and indulged in non WW treats so when I woke up with the worst pains of my life and spent the rest of the weekend running to the bathroom I thought it was the revenge of real fat in my diet. By Monday morning I decided to get a Doctor's note because I just could not get into work. One thing lead to another and by the evening I was admitted to a local hospital. After much poking and prodding and some testing which was quite gross I received a diagnosis of Acute Ischemic Colitis which of all the things they were suspecting was by far the best! I'm out of the hospital and feeling much better.

I DID GET LOTS of knitting done. I knit a really cute hoodie for my niece's expected baby and a EZ Baby Surprise Sweater in three shades of Knitpicks Palette. This was great hospital knitting basically easy but kind of a puzzle to work out.

So what have I learned from this?
1. No matter how important you think you are at work a whole school will not dissolve into thin air if someone else does your Election Day Staff Development
2. A well developed supply of yarn is very important. It would not have been good for me to postpone hospitalization while I purchase a few days worth of projects
3. Never go see a doctor without your emergency knitting sock right next to the insurance ID!


Liz G. said...

Oh My!! I hope you are feeling MUCH better now - but, really, who can complain about lots of knitting time?

And yes - emergency sock knitting supplies are a must. I always carry a purse that's big enough for at least a sock.

Katya said...

Frances! Oh my goodness!!! I certainly pray that you are better, no....MUCH better now.

Isn't it so strange that it takes something like this to make us realize that we are "dispensible" and that we really do need to slow down from time to time and just let others carry some of our load?

I am so glad you were able to continue on with the knitting! hehehe

BTW, I also had a recent bout of "something", although not nearly as serious as yours! It was just a one night annoyance!