Sunday, January 04, 2009

Remembering "Tootie"

Since September, I have been visiting either on Sat or Sunday afternoon a great older lady on hospice care in a local nursing home. On my way over to visit her today , I found out that she passed on Friday. Tootie was a lot of fun to visit with. She knew she was going to die soon but she was not interested in complaining or whining -- and she sure did like to talk!! We spent hours just talking about our lives. Tootie liked to listen as well as talk. She told me funny and sad stories about growing up in Bayonne and Jersey City. I heard about living through the Great Depression and World War II. The only thing she was still angry about was that her son her only child died when he was only 40 and his wife a few years after.

Most of the time when I visited with her she was wrapped in the ugliest green variegated Red Heart Afghan that she had crocheted herself. Yarn snob that I am, I wanted to make her a soft beautiful shawl but she loved that ugly thing brought from her home! I never made her a shawl because every time I visited with her she proudly reminded me that she made this Afghan! I'll start visiting with someone new new week but I know I'll keep a picture of Tootie in her treasured green Afghan tucked away in my heart.

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Katya said...

What a wonderful tribute. Tootie sounds like she was a real corker! Your visits must have really been a highlight for her. How sad about her son and daughter-in-law. I think every parent hates to think that they will outlive their children, though!

Bless you for being so dedicated to visit with these folks! I know that it is a treat for them and I think it must add a little extra "something" to your life as well! I treasure stories from older folks...we can actually see some into their hearts through their recounting the past....