Sunday, January 11, 2009

What a Little Snow Will Do

I am the worst cold weather person. When it is cold I just want to stay in. I'll do anything to avoid actually going out in the snow! Yesterday we had snow, not really much but freezing ice, blasty winds etc. SO I stayed in and kept busy. I finished my one row scarf, cooked up a storm (or actually cooked during the storm!) did most of a baby quilt for a friend's baby shower and started a noro hat.I also "gathered Christmas". The tree is gone since New Year's Day but now I've gathered most of the Christmas decorations to one spot ready to be boxed and taken back to the Christmas storage closet. I leave my snowman collection out until sometime in Feb.

So today I want to finish the machine work on the quilt, finish my Noro hat, shop for the testing lunch we do for our teachers before the ELA test. Next week is a very stressful week in NYC schools. We have the NYS ELA test. So much emphasis is put on this test due to NCLB which is more like KICK the Schools in the Behind!

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Katya said...

Wow, you were productive and just look at Kitty! I bet Kitty dislikes the cold, too, so you were in good company!

I hope your week is going well and you aren't getting "too" stressed! It is terrible that teachers have to be burdened by many kids just don't "give a rip" about school, grades, or much of anything else. To make teachers accountable to such kids seems a bit unfair....