Sunday, June 25, 2006

Bob's back in NJ

Hi, Well, Bob arrived at the Medical Rehab, or in regular speech Nursing Home at 4:30 Friday afternoon. We quickly realized what a faux pas it is to arrive during DINNER and on a FRIDAY and WITHOUT ALL his medical records!!!!!! Sorry next time we'll try to arrive at a more acceptable time. I'm not going to name the facility he is in because I may have some really nasty things to say about it. Sat. was much better. I went there and found Bob clean in a nice freshly changed bed. I also brought his list of medications and they had given him everything except one item that was scheduled to arrive from the pharmacy. He is promised the air bed and an electric bed by Monday. He will also receive another evaluation from the Physical Therapist and hopefully will be more willing to use the brace and start getting up. I very politely told the staff that I live just 15 minutes away and that I'll be in and out all the time. The Sat. staff was very friendly and really seemed interested in taking care of him. They did monitor what he actually ate by the high tech way of actually looking at his tray NOT asking him. They brought him alternates that he was willing to eat! The hospital he was in was terrible in this regard. I'm starting on sock number 4 and have only THREE more day of work before summer vacation. My daughter took my camera to a wedding so I'll post pictures as soon as I can. (Of the socks not Bob, the yellowest man in NJ)


trek said...

Yay, Frances - it was god to see you tonight.

Michelle from Tuesday Knitting said...

Glad things are getting a little better for you and Bob. You are going to be able to open a hosiery store if you keep up at this rate! Still keeping you in my thoughts.