Saturday, June 10, 2006

Catching up from wed.

Hi, I have not had time to respond to everyone's individual posts and messages but as soon as I have time I will. I slept at a friend's apartment in Brooklyn Thursday evening, and I have limited access to email at work and none at the hospital. The news about Bob is that his current condition has not gotten better but it is not worse. His liver is in such poor shape that he would be put on the list for a transplant if he were eligible. He is the yellowiest man I have ever seen and so swollen that he looks like he is oozing fluids. They are trying to wean him from the respirator with very limited success and are talking about doing a tracheostomy to provide breathing support and allow him to be able to speak and use his mouth. The abscess between the spine and thorax is doing better and the infection in his spine is responding to the treatment BUT his liver is so damaged from his hepatitis C from when he was 19. The intensive care doctor told me that the liver doctors give him 6 months to one year to live with the current liver functioning. Liver doctors have been telling him at his liver is terrible for years so who knows how tough he really is! I try to spend as much time as I can with him BUT I can't be there all day every day. I am going to knitting on Monday night at Barnes and Noble and I'm going to my support group on Wed. Night. I realized that I was getting to tired to function when I tried to tell a friend how to turn a sock and I could not remember the directions! I am almost finished with one sock from the current STR club colorway but I didn't use their pattern. I was working on a gray, blue and black sock but I needed to look at bright and cheerful colors.

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Fran -

Just know that we are thinking of you and call if you feel like talking.