Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sat. June 17th

When I got to the hospital yesterday Bob was excited about going home. Someone had said something to Bob to make him think that he was going home in a day or so with a visiting nurse seeing him once a week to bring him meds. I was floored at the idea of taking care of him at his level of illness . I asked the nurse to see the charge doctor, no response, then his lunch came and it was a total mess and I just about lost it. Then I met the Chaplin who has been visiting Bob and also talking to me and shared my frustration with him. Evidently he was the person to talk to because within a few minutes all the people I had been asking to see were eager to see me! Basically, Bob's liver is continuing to fail. He is receiving aggressive IV treatment for the infection, and fluids etc. to keep him hydrated etc. to try to give his body a chance to recover as much liver function as possible. If the liver shows no improvement he may be moved to a Medical Rehab where he can be kept comfortable and it would be a more relaxed setting. Bob still feel that he has a "shot" at getting better and I want him to keep that hope. When I asked the liver Dr. what I could do to help his suggestion was to get him to eat and try to talk to him and keep him alert. Except for salty foods the Dr said bring in what he wants to eat. I ran out to a local restaurant and we had pizza for dinner last night. This is the first time he really ate anything! Steven visited yesterday and it was a difficult visit for both of them but hopefully the start of some type of healing. I am knitting constantly and watching more daytime TV then I ever thought possible. He plays with the remote constantly but all I insist on is no Jerry Springer type shows and all shows must at least be in English!!!


Denise in PA said...

WHAT??? You don't like Springer???!!! :))) Keep knitting...ingore that television. I still have trouble knitting and watching TV. And, I have to admit, I'd probably have to hide the remote from Bill; although he's no where near as bad as my sister's husband! I get a headache from all of Brandon's channel flipping! We're keeping you and your family foremost in our hearts and prayers. {{{huggs}}}

trek said...

Great news Frances - and you are going to have such a sock wardrobe.

Give our best to Bob.