Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Blip in the Yarn Diet

Sometimes you can be minding your own business, knitting, reading or whatever and your friends will toss temptations, suggestions, opportunities at you! A few weeks ago I was just minding my own sock at our weekly stitch and knit when the subject of a local yarn store changing ownership or closing BUT selling yarn at a discount came up. So my friend innocently suggested a little visit. So we visited and I went on a Noro spree!!!! I love good yarns but I also love paying my mortgage etc. so as much as I love them I'm always looking for a bargain. I must be pretty good at this because I have enough fiber to keep me busy through my life time and several more reincarnations BUT I could just look and get new ideas---- Well, we all know the end of this story. I took my buying pass and went to town, I got enough silk garden to make a sweater (13), a ten pack of kureyon, four loose kureyons and TWENTY Big Bebe, and a Noro book. I have so many sweaters in the line up to work on that I feel guilty that the silk garden jumped line. I have the back and up to the arm opening of one front done already done. Getting this new influx of Noro into the house got me to work on my entrelac vest that has been hanging around since some time in the winter. I'm especially excited about the Big Bebe because I got a bunch of that on sale in Pa this winter for a $ 1 hank now I have to dig that from it's hiding spot and see what I can do after I finish the silk garden and vest. I'm not really sure who or what I'm hiding this yarn from! My husband never really caught on to how much money I spend on yarns and quilting stuff. He just had a Chico shopping bag radar that was incredible and if he knew how much I spent there he would has passed YEARS ago!!!
I'm really really not buying anything else until Stitches or Maryland Sheep & Wool if I can get other people to go to that with me!


Katya said...

Oh Frances, I so envy you!!! I would love to knit again, but once I got started, I began doing the strangest things....I would wake up in the middle of the night and have a knit-athon!!! My family always wondered why I was so tired. Knitting makes me crazy...I am not one to put things down once I get started! Also, I can never pick a "plain" pattern...I always go for the elaborate designs with lots of color changes or cables and patterns. One of these days, I will get to the point where I *can* knit again, and my hands will be so happy to be BUSY!!! hehehe

Sharon said...

Oh you weren't as good as me I see ;-) I behaved at our LYS closing. I only bought 6 skeins of yarn. Okay, I will admit, the closing before I was much worse. Looks like you bought a lot of very nice stuff. You better be going October 14th so we can compare notes!

Amanda Cathleen said...

how could you say no to noro? ; )