Sunday, April 01, 2007

Still Busy just NOT with Knitting!

We put this door in years ago and never painted it because I wanted red and Bob wanted white. His huge compromise was black but black was not closer to red for me then white! Yesterday, I painted and now I have the reddest door in my town. It looks splotched in the picture but that is the camera ( little cheapee camera that it is!) but it real life it is pure true fire engine red. My daughter hates the hat and hid it when her date came to pick her up last night. Very mature for a 22 year old.
The floor is my other big accomplishment. I had tired stale old never can really get clean anymore carpet in my bedroom. I don't like wall to wall carpet but Bob never wanted bare floors in the bedroom. Yesterday when I was trying to vacuum it clean for the millionth time but really hoping to change the color and age of the carpet with a Dyson I decided to just pull it out. What could be so bad under that old disgusting carpet? Well, this floor does not look so great now but it will soon.
So between work, having to attend a funeral this week and these two projects my socks are resting quietly in their spots not even daring to call out. Today is a paper work day, Monday I'm getting a new AC and heating unit installed so I may have time to knit then or not!


Katya said...

I LOVE that door!!!!! I LOVE red doors!!!! Mine is a funny wine-colored red, but I really dislike the door. I want one more like yours! You are really busy with that house, and it is fun when you can do things the way you would like! I get so bound up with indecision on Mark's part that I often just leave things as they are, and feel so bad that they look HORRENDOUS!!!! Ah well...I cannot wait to see the redone wooden floor! Bet it is going to be stunning! Oh, and hey, the knitting will are having too much fun!!!

Jackie said...

Can you sing the line:
"Anywhere I hang my hat is home."
Love the new paint job.

Denise in PA said...

OK, I'm with your daughter on that hat...BUT...I totally agree with you on the red door. Looks great! I can't wait to see it in person!!! ;)