Monday, April 02, 2007

A Three Strike Day

Today was the first day of my week off for Spring break. I did some laundry and some how in the cleaning out of Bob's stuff one of his FISH HOOKS, one with three hooks, must have fallen on the laundry room floor, and got snagged on a sock and GOT WASHED WITH A DOZEN on my hand knit socks. So far it seems that only a poor koigu sock was partially destroyed. Although when I saw the fish hook I came close to passing out and there must be many more gray hairs then I had before!

Next, a few days ago I bit on something and heard and felt a crack in a back molar. I was hoping for a filling but today I experienced an tooth extraction from a dentist who looked about 12! He was very gentle and very sweet but that tooth must have had roots down to my knees.

Finally, the guy who is installing my heating and AC called to tell me that his helper had a death in his family and they are postponing my installation until Wed. My perfectly planned week is drifting away!

Oh well, on the lighter side I did get lots of knitting done waiting at the dentist's office and I am going to take another pain pill and hopefully get a great night's sleep!


trek said...

Oh Frances! I'm so sorry. Hope you heal quickly. Let me know if you need anything (I know you can't drive on the happy meds).

Katya said...

Frances, it is so amazing that when trouble comes, it seems to bring along its FRIENDS! That tooth sounds miserable, but the socks would have made me CRY! Um....if my weather and your weather are anything alike, the AC won't be necessary for a little while....The greatest news is that once you hit the bottom of the barrel, there is no way other than UP!!! Big hugs!!!!

Denise in PA said...

Sorry about the tooth...AND the fishing hook sock damage! Billy received two fillings at his dentist appointment on Monday; his first! He wasn't too impressed with the novicane injections; but he survived.