Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Bread

Every year I try to bake Easter bread. Some years I bake more then other years --this year I stopped at eight. These breads are made from a sweet dough and braided around uncooked eggs. Each braid has a filling of almond, orange peel and chocolate. Some years I add anise seeds also. I'll bring some with me on Easter day and give some out to friends sooner. If I get my energy back I'll drizzle a simple confectionery sugar icing on them. I'll probaby eat one myself with sweet butter for breakfast over the next few days. It's a good thing that we are starting Weight Watchers at my school on April 17th!


Sharon said...

Have a very Happy Easter Frances! The bread looks so good a shame I can't eat bread right now, LOL. We need to get us soapers together again soon.

Katya said...

Oh Frances, those breads look so very yummy! You certainly are an industrious person! Oh, I recently found out that there is a terrific yarn shop up in Rochester! I have such a hankering to knit up an Aran style sweater. I was on a blog that had such a lovely sweater started on my knitting blood flowing. Must be that wee bit o' Irish from my great grandmother!!!