Sunday, October 19, 2008

A carless weekend

For a little over a year I owned two old junky cars which ran OK. Then one pooped out and I let it rest for a while before I donated it to a local kid to take apart and hopefully turn into a local -go-to-school-car. Well as soon as that happened my other junky car started having troubles. I suspect they were communicating and plotting against me!

I'll hopefully get the car back on Monday, even more hopefully without a huge bill! So this weekend I'm without a car. Friday, I took the commuter bus and subway to where I was going to a workshop. I have finally completed my certification from Schools Attuned. I really wish I could tune up my car in addition to kids!

Yesterday, my friend Laurie picked me up and I went to her house to hang out and knit until my car was ready. Kathy, another knitting friend was there also and we had a very relaxing day. I worked on the seeks for my gansey and now the body and yolk are done and I'm up to the sleeves. I tried it on and the sweater is beautiful, I just wish there was a little less of me in it!

Today we are having a birthday party for my grandmother who turned 97 on the 14th of October. She has been calling herself 97 for so long that I thought she was turning 98. She asked for gift certificates to eat out! Thats what she is getting and a bag of her favorite candies, Butterfingers. She especially likes the small ones put out at Holloween.

I don't know what it is about not having MY car in the driveway that makes me feel trapped. I have Katie's car to use if I need and usually I plot to find a time to stay in and just do inside stuff but today and yesterday, I just kept thinking about getting out but I didn't want to use Katie's car and I really didn't want to go anywhere!

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Katya said...

Ah, Frances, it is just like when the electric goes off. Suddenly, I think of 999 things I wanted to do using electricity!

My Explorer had to have a lot of work done last month, to the tune of $750! I nearly keeled over, but I don't have car payments, so I guess I should just be happy. Cars are such a pain in the neck, but try being without one! We would really be in a fix out the boonies!

When yoou talked about the two cars conspiring, I had such a funny visual of the two of them, hood to hood!

Hope you have your wheels back and the bill wasn't too big!

Cannot wait to see a photo of that Gansey!!!!