Sunday, October 05, 2008

Interesting Weekend

Not too much knitting this weekend but a good one anyway. Friday I stayed at work for the Hispanic Heritage Celebration at my school. We all had a good time, lots of great home cooked foods, salsa lessons and visiting with the children's families.

Sat. I went with a friend to her friend's 50th Birthday party. I've never met the women whose party it was but she seems to have raised three great kids and looks like someone I would enjoy getting to know. the party was in a great Italian restaurant in Bayonne, NJ. I ate so much I came home a just hung out in a food coma for the rest of the night.

Today, was a very quiet day. I slept in then went to the nursing home to visit my hospice ladies. It is so interesting visiting them. At first the two older women, )I visit each separately) are very quiet but soon they open up and just talk and talk about their families, what they liked to cook, their old homes and how they both liked to crochet. One women lived near to Bayonne and the restaurant I wnet to was a favorite of hers. So here I am --- a died in the wool knitter and I visit ladies who loved to crochet. One lady sits wrapped in a crochet afghan she made herself. She has a beautiful white shawl that someone knit for her on the back of her chair but she does not like it. I think she does not see well enough to appreciate the beautiful work in it and the white just seems boring. Next week I think I'll take some knitting with me. Even if I never work on it it might be a conversation starter.

I have a day off this week so I'll be able to get together with the day time knitting group. I'm working on the pattern part of the gansey. I really should take a picture soon but I'm so lazy with the camera!

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Katya said...

Well, it sounds like you had a very interesting weekend!

Isn't it funny that the lady doesn't like (or appreciate) the knitted shawl? Funny how we get set in our ways and ideas...old, or not!