Monday, October 13, 2008

October 12th

Where has this extra long weekend gone? Sat. turned out to be a very nice day. I did a workshop for a group I work with and my topic was revitalization. We had a very nice group and we worked on aspects of how to take care of our own energy. We did a few activities that worked out well. Made dream pillows, almond scrub and bath soaks. Everyone enjoyed it except one man who it seems to me has made a decision never to enjoy anything.

When I got home my friend's husband was working on the bathroom leak which was fixed without the maximum trouble. I still need a new ceiling and so far all they did to the car was reset the engine light . So I'll still have to see on that one. But I did get to spend the weekend with old friends and ALL my ironing is done.

I've been feeling overwhelmed by worry about finances and the political situation and I've made a decision that I'm going to limit my watching on CNN and news shows. I feel that they are just fanning these anxious feeling in me without really doing any thing positive. Right after 911 I did the same thing. So I'll watch the debate on Wed but I will not watch the endless picking apart of it!

I'm just about at the neckline of the gansey but I made a mistake in the pattern and had to redo three rows. My daughter got me hooked on Trueblood a vampire series on HBO. I never thought it would have interested me, parts of it really don't but somehow I messed up the THIRD repeat of the yolk pattern while I was watching it.
I hope to start the neckline decreases and shoulder part tonight.

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Katya said...

You have been busy, as usual!

It sounds like you have been doing some fun and interesting things. Good for you!!!!

I absolutely never watch TV except for hockey games! I do agree that the media gets a bit carried away. Proof is look at how they put their reporters out in the weather when a hurricane is predicted. It is totally shameless. I nearly cracked up when I watched a reporter wallking along the street, dragging his heels to make it look like there was a lot of water in the street. Or, how about Geraldo holding his hand over his face, saying the rain was stinging his face. GOOD GRIEF! He had a hood on his jacket, but never put it up.

Yeah, now you see WHY I do not watch television! Mark and the kids can enjoy it, but not me!

My father-in-law always was into stocks and bonds. He always told Mark to just watch, everything will rise up after a tumble. Mark is totally conservative and would probably be more inclined to stuff his mattress than invest. Me? I am totally clueless!!!!!