Friday, October 10, 2008

What a Day!!!!!!

I did not feel well this morning so I stayed home. I should have escaped from this house when I had the chance! After I was feeling a bit better, I took a shower and used the bathroom sink then I went down to the laundry room to find all the water I had used draining down the ceiling!

Then I got in my car to do an errand and the check engine light came on less then a week after I had the car inspected and worked on.

So my husband's friend came over to work on the leak and we found that it was destroying the ceiling of the downstairs bathroom and that the leak is in the wall. So now I need to replace the ceiling in the downstairs bathroom, possibly open a wall in the upstairs kitchen SO I WOULD LIKE TO SCREAM!!!!!

I'm just waiting for the news about the car.

So as I see my Stitches money drainning away I think I'll do upstairs and knit! I'm nearing the neckline of my neverending gansey!

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Katya said...

Days like this are SO unfair! Why do waterways always want to make their way to the floor BELOW anyway? We had a minor toilet overflow last week that left a stain on the ceiling below. Not a whole lot we can do, though. Just paint, whenever...

Sometimes the check engine light comes on over little things. Hope that is the case for you.

Seems like all everyone is talking about everywhere we go is the stock market...bad news everywhere! I guess I am glad we are poor now!!!!! So...go knit and enjoy! Knitting was my pressure release when I used to knit. It seemed to make things seem better!

Here's to GOOD days ahead!