Sunday, September 06, 2009

Black Lace

I have not felt very productive knitting wise this summer.BUT for the past few days I have just given into knitting the shawl Clothitde in black Nashua Ivy. It is a blend of alpaca and Merino with a bit of silver sparkle. No picture yet but I'll try the cell phone when it is light out. I'm on row 17 of the third repeat of a 20 row gull wing lace pattern. One more of this 20 row pattern then about 50 rows of spearhead lace. We'll see when I get this finished!

Yesterday I went to the 1st birthday party of the son of one of Caroline's friends. I got to visit with the quilt I made for him. I love seeing the quilts I make for these kids being used!

Today was I spent the day at the beach with my family. The last beach day of the season.

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Katya said...

The black lace sounds intriguing! I have done very little lace knitting. It always scares me, as being left-handed, I always want to do things backwards. I know that soundas strange, but when I first started knitting, my neighbor gently pointed out to me that my stitches on a baby sweater were twisted....oops....I entered the needle in the wrong way! Knitting is somewhat confounding to a leftie! this one, anyway!!!