Monday, September 07, 2009

Tinking Black Lace

I have knit most of today and I am about 2 rows behind where I started. I was just rolling along on this project. I had the lace rows memorized, the chart was making sense and I was thinking "Why don't I do more lace?". Yes, pride goes before the fall. All of a sudden I realized that I had a bunch of extra stitches that the knitting devils must have stuck in while I was gloating about how nice this was coming along. SO I tried to pull out a patch and re knit the mistaken part. I just was able to make a much worse mess and then in true knitter's denial I knit two more rows as if a huge combination blob and hole right in the middle of the shawl would just blend in! Not only would galloping horse's rider notice it, they could disappear in it. So I had to pick out TEN rows which took me about the same time it took to knit them!!!! So I guess it is a good thing I love the process of knitting because I have no product to show!!

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Katya said...


There, I feel better. As I explained before....I have done little lace. I think I might lose my MIND. I have a real problem ripping things out!