Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stubborness Wins

I started the Swallowtail Lace Shawl a few years ago. It was right after Bob passed and my mind wandered too much. BUT I had it in the back of my mind to do it again. So Friday, I cast on again and knit but I was having such trouble understanding the pattern. Over Friday, Sat and now Sunday the froggy song of RIPIT< RIPIT was heard over and over! Finally I went to Ravelery and looked at other's people's work and READ their comments. Now I get it. The chart I'm following only gives the six stitch repeat and only the six rows of the pattern. I realize that I just was not seeing the pattern from the chart. The chart shows the repeat which is the second half of the pattern and then the first half. Once I saw that it all made sense! I will get this done!!!!!

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Katya said...

Fortitude and tenacity...a WINNING combination!!!!!