Thursday, September 24, 2009


I have been very lucky with friends all my life. I have good friends and I am able to be a good friend. One of my friends took me for my surgery and then the next day took me back for my follow up visit. Friends have been calling, e mailing and keeping in touch extra for the last few days. One of my friends blocked my black shawl for me and it looks great! A friend picked me up today for a few hours of relaxing knitting at Barnes and Noble this afternoon.

It is hard to loose friends. In the last few days I have lost two friends far too young. the first I found out about on Facebook. She was a super sweet women who made great goatmilk soap. We worked together on learning to make lotionand wound up sharing huge parts of our lives. I know few details of what happened and she leaves behind a huband, son, daughter and grands. We will all miss her.

The second friend to pass was a member of our Tuesday knitting group. She was also young, only 43. Sharon was struck by a car shortly after getting off the commuter bus. She passed away while everyone was waiting for her to come to our Tuesday knitting group. Sharon leaves behind a husband, brothers, sisters and neices and nephews and 14 pug dogs. She was a funny smart lady who brought new ideas and lots of energy to our group. She was the one who got us started on the EZ Adult Surprise Sweater KAL. Sharon will not get to finish hers.


Katya said...

Oh Fances, how wonderful that you have friends to help you out and just to shower you with little "extras" that say, "I care"!

I am so sorry to hear about your friends passing away. We just never know....Please accept my condolences. Now matter how old a person may be, it always seems far too soon; but for a young person to pass away, it seems so unfair...

Frances said...

Do you remember Teresa Kellems from Soapnuts? She passed away at her house on Sunday. I can't find out any more information!

Katya said...

Frances, the name does ring a bell. That is just too sad. I wonder if perhaps she had been sick?

On a bit happier (?) note, I put up a photo of me in my NEW finished sweater!!!!! Yes, it is DONE!