Friday, August 17, 2007

Continuing the Summer Plan

Yesterday was another relaxing day. My mother and grandmother came over for a visit and because my mother brought her dog we stayed in the yard to keep him away from my dog. I have spent lots of time working in my yard but this was the longest I just spent sitting there and relaxing and knitting!
After a quick grill lunch I went to visit a friend of mine who is battling cancer. I've been teaching her how to knit socks so we sat and worked on her socks for a few hours until I could see that she was getting tired, I'll go back next week when she has another good window with her chemo.
Then after running home and a quick dinner there I went to meet with friends from my original knitting group at a new yarn shop south of me. I worked on my sweater and showed a few people there garterlac technique again. A quiet relaxing evening although the shop is too long of a drive for me to go there often.
Today after a return visit from the refrigerator repair man I'm off the meet my painting and carpool friend and a fellow carpooler who has just retired for lunch. I made a nap quilt for her granddaughter and I really need to get it to her while the kid still naps!

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Katya said...

Wow, it amazes me how much you get done in one day! I feel like such a sluggard sometimes! I spend so much time waiting to see what Mark and the kids want to do...seems I spend FAR too much time "waiting"!