Friday, August 17, 2007

Fridge Update

Last week, I showed the amount of space the previous "repair" man said needed to be devoted to "Keeping the fan clear" to a few friends. They agreed with me that it was insane and suggested that I return to store where I bought the item in the first place.
The salesman and owner quickly agreed with that that it was BS and arranged for a different service person to look at it on Friday. That man was here and he actually took the back panel off and checked things out. He removed a small piece of Styrofoam but said that he did not find anything wrong and to call again if there continues to be a problem. He gave me a receipt so that if it does not stop I can start documenting it for the lemon law.

This service person was much nicer. The people at the store feel that there is a problem with my refrigerator because they sold many of this model without any complaints. I'm hopeful the problem will not reoccur and I feel much better probably because I was treated well both at the store and by the service person! Now if the refrigerator performs well I'll really be OK.

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Katya said...

Frances, I certainly hope that this whole thing resolves itself soon! The worst part is that the first repair guy was such a goof! I am glad they sent someone with a BRAIN this time! Sounds like he is looking out for your interests, and that is a VERY good thing!