Friday, August 31, 2007

Just checking after a week back to work

I would gladly give my fantasy lottery winnings to the person who could make the months of January and March pass by as quickly as July and August! I don't mind Feb. -- that cold month goes by quickly!
After the shortest summer vacation know to man (or at least me!) I'm back to work. This first week is hectic, pressurizing, HOT, exciting, fun and very exhausting. I love seeing teachers who were scared first year teachers last year come back as confident and SO experienced this year. I look at the new batch of young people I'm working with this year and I get excited to start again. I just wish I could teach elementary night school. I have to get up at 4:45 in the AM to get to my job by 7 or 7:15. I always try to be one of the first people in the building so that I can be available to anyone who needs help in the morning. The older I get, the harder it is to yank my body out of bed at that hour. My dog is having a fit at me for disturbing him so early and he is very indignant that I expect him to do his business so early . He keeps looking at me as if to say I thought we had these early hours settled!
I treated myself to a manicure on the way home on Friday and I am going to the beach this weekend with a teacher friend and a student I taught in 1st grade. She is in her second year of college and has kept in touch all these years. She came in on Thursday and helped me to put up my new bulletin boards. This is one of the things that makes teaching the best job in the world.
I'm bringing my new Kauni wool with me and I'm celebrating surviving two days of NONSTOP meetings by starting my new sweater!


Katya said...

You are so right...this summer went by in a blur! Here today, gone tomorrow! It seems like time is racing against itself as I get older!
You are an amazing person! Getting to the job before others? Wow! That is so considerate and kind! It seems like people like you are hard to find! Most people want to trail into work at the last minute, then leave as soon as the last bell sounds!
You are going to have to sit down with the dog and explain to him that he can catch up on his sleep during the day while you go out and earn the kibble!!!
I hope you had/have a great time at the beach!!! You must have made a real impact on that young lady that she still keeps in touch. What an awesome relationship! I am convinced it take a great deal of patience and LOVE to be a teacher!
Oh, I want to see pictures of your knitting ventures!!! AND, I so wanna take a trip to Web's in Massachusetts...I wanna SEE it and FEEL some yarn on my fingers. I really need to start knitting again. It is so wonderful to put on a cozy sweater that we make ourselves, isn't it?

Lora said...

Hey there!! I got my vacation package today!!! LOVE it all! Will blog tomorrow about it :)