Tuesday, August 21, 2007

One finished item another started

This weekend I was on a mission to finish the polare sweater that I started at the end of July. I finished knitting it, seamed it up, even made buttons for it. I just have to decide if I am putting snaps under the buttons or knitting i cord frogs. As soon as it is blocked and the button issue decided I will find a way to post a picture. I have been camera- less all summer. I finally found my camera, but now to find new batteries to charge and the cable to connect it to the computer. Well, if only I knew how to use my camera phone I could do that also!

As soon as I finished the polare sweater I started a red cardigan from Lily Chin Greenwich Village yarn which I also got half price at that sale.My hands were just itching to start it. I'm doing a mindless sweater for walking around non-thinking project. I ordered Kauni yarn and I am just itching to get that started. I don't know how quickly that will work up but I do think I'll get hours of knitting fun from it. I plan on doing the same sweater that Stephanie, the yarn harlot did. Not very original but why mess with something that really calls to be done!

My poor socks are languishing at the botton of my pocketbook, somehow I have lost sock steam but it will pick up soon! I also NEED to finish up the garterlac vest and the silk garden noro sweater. All the intersting parts are done for each and I just need to force myself to finish up so that I can actually wear them instead of just carting them around in project bags!

Had two friends over for lunch today, we got so involved in talking that I forgot to pick up my knitting while we were hanging around. Tonight was knitting at Barnes and Noble. I didn't have the time or energy to make dinner so I had an individual pizza there. I checked on the calories of the buffalo wing pizza and it had 500 calories , 20 grams of fat and came out to 11 points. Last time for me! I wish that they had something there to eat which is lower in fat or sugar. Next time I will have to eat before I get there unless I have tons of point to toss away!

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Katya said...

Wow! Frances, you are a knitting MACHINE! I love to knit, but when I do, I get *greedy* and want to knit ALL the time. Doesn't work too well! Then, of course, the last item I TRIED to knit, I lost the pattern. You have NO idea the agony I felt as I slowly tore the sweater front apart. If it hadn't been such a complex pattern, I never would have minded, but I always pick the hardest patterns. Must be that bit o' Irish in me. I just love knots and cables and twists and even "pictures"! hehehe
Someday, my ship will come in, and I will have some time to enjoy knitting. Until then, I shall have to live vicariously, reading your posts and DROOLING!!!!