Saturday, August 18, 2007

Guess I Should Just Stay Home Today

I hopped out of bed this morning with the idea of going to the early WW meeting then heading down to the shore.
Problem # 1-- daughter blocked my car in drive way and she is at the beach herself. So, I look for the spare key where it is supposed to be and to make a long story short, nope--- no key and she does not know where it is.
Problem # 2 my other car will not start, call AA and they send someone to the wrong address, he does get the car started and I get to the meeting one hour late AND I have gained .4 lbs. Does aggravation weigh anything?
Problem # 3 Car does not start when I try to go get coffee, so I have to get towed to a station to see what is wrong. I should have called AFTER the meeting but this was ALL precoffee.

So I was out and about for THREE hours this morning, had to make my own coffee, didn't get to the meeting, am now facing a new car bill and found out that I gained weight!!!

Well, I think I am going to sew up my polare sweater, work on the quilt for my brother and block my garterlac vest and work on an extremely dirty look for the daughter when she gets home! Wouldn,t think she would be so innocent looking would you? Here she is(the little key witch) with my grandmother about a year ago.

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Katya said...

Days like this make me think...just relax and spend some time doing what YOU would like to do!!! (as long as it is at home!) I used to get so enraged when things happened like this, but then I realized one day, I was only hurting myself!! Now, I am pretty cool about such things. (After all, **I** hide things from myself better than anyone else!!!!)
I love the picture of your daughter and! You are so fortunate to still have your grandmother!!!