Sunday, April 13, 2008

Coffee Memories

I don't remember when I actually started drinking coffee. One of my earliest memories is of walking with my grandfather to an Italian Bakery/Coffee shop. He always had black coffee with lots of sugar and anisette in it. He would dip the tip of a spoon and give me a taste. As much as I liked it I was more interested in the Italian ices, the old fashioned creamy kinds with fruits and nuts in them and soft not hard. I also love the cookies I had there.

My mother is a tea drinker so only my father drank coffee when I was young in our house. In the morning he drank American coffee but after around 11:00 AM or so there was only Italian demitasse coffee in the small cups with a sliver of lemon and lots of sugar or liquor added! We also had two types of coffee pots-- the perc type for the morning and the Italian flip one for later.

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