Monday, April 21, 2008

Thanks to my Spring Fling SwapPartner

Today I got a surprise in the mail, stitch markers. Beautiful red stitch markers. I just love them! Thanks !

I'm in three swaps right now and I think I am confusing my partners for each swap just as I've been confusing the hostess for the swaps. This is not the first time I've been in a few swaps at the same time but it is the first time I keep messing up!!!!



Secret Pal said...

I hope their the ones I had Your very Welcome! Hope they work great for you..wasn't sure on size needles you may use most often!
I am busily getting things together and almost redy, but will let you know when :)
Havea g reat rest of the week!!

Frances said...

They are just perfect. It is almost as if the three of you coordinated the stitch markers. Each set is best for a different size needle and now I have red stitch markers for just about any size needle I want to use!

Secret Pal said...

Oh I'm so glad they'll work! I thought they were very pretty!

Hope that you have a great Wednesday! Enjoy your time off if your still off :)