Sunday, April 13, 2008

More Hospital Knitting

I have trained myself in the last few years that when I need to run to the emergency room or a doctor's visit I NEVER go without my knitting. This weekend we had a small scare with my grandmother. She looked like she was having a stoke but it turned out to be probably Bell's Palsy. She is pretty miserable and can't use most of one side of her face but is certainly is better off then if she had a stroke! This required two visits to the hospital with her this weekend and I did get lots of knitting in. I finished two dishcloths for a swap I'm in and finished one sleeve of my pinwheel sweater with about 3 or 4 inches to go on the other sleeve then back to the hundreds of stitches long body!

This Sunday we were stuck in between two women who were very particular about the types of pain medications they wished to receive. It was interesting---- both were on their cell phones having loud conversations using words my 96 years old grandmother rarely hears and were only writhing in pain when either a nurse or someone else was around! At one point my grandmother thought it was me talking that way! Knitting helps keep you sane in situations like that!!!

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