Friday, April 25, 2008

Lots of Quilting done

I've had a relaxing week off from work, a day at the spa, a day yarn and fabric shopping but in between I've been sewing away. I've completed another shower giftfor a friend future daughter-in-law, a tote bag for my swap partner, finally found the quilt tops for another teacher's twins AND finished the quilt top for another teachers new baby. Now I have miles of binding to sew on SO I am going to sit on the couch and watch the DVR stuff I have saved and just sew.

I also put pictures of my finished sweaters up on Ravelery. I'm franhaz there!

1 comment:

Secret Pal said...

Oh how gorgeous!! I love quilted stuff and sure wish I was better at it :) Very nice and I hope you enjoy your dvr day of sewing!!
Have a great weekend!