Monday, June 08, 2009

Fat Quarteritis

I went to pick up some thread that I ordered at my not so local but regular quilt shop on Sat. They were having a fat quarter sale. So, naturally I had to get a few or 63 to be exact. Sunday morning, I decided to put them away and somehow, I realized that I have a few more fat quarters then I thought, so I decide to fold and iron them and in general organize them. Easier said then done, at last count I reached about 400 of these little suckers. AND that's just the intact ones, not the ones that are cut into and have turned into Fat Eighths or just a great scrap or my bolts of backing or the 100s of jolly packs (4 or 5 inch squares), or the jelly rolls or layer cakes or even the few honey buns or the few charming jelly cakes or just plain yardage etc.
My clean from Sat. family room now looks like a fabric explosion. I want to really find a way to organize and store them because I have so many duplicates and some gaps!

Well, only 14 more days of school after today!

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Katya said...

Oh Frances!!!! THIS spunds serious!!!!!!

I am so envious of people who can make quilts! I have sewn so many clothing items in my time, but BIG things just scare me! I have made curtains, and they just about did me in!

Hope you have fun organizing! When I worked at Jo Ann Fabrics, we always did the R-O-Y-G-B-V thing...Would that help to organize by color?