Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 2 Vacation

As do most teachers I wait all year for summer vacation, sometimes patiently --sometimes eagerly but it is that carrot at the end of early up every day and drive in to work etc. So here I am at the second day of my summer break and I have made progress, yesterday I was up at six today at seven! I might have slept later but my darling daughter asked me if I had really intended to leave the sprinkler on ALL night? Now, the question I would like to ask her is why this did not rate a middle of the night wake up or are those strictly reserved for Can you iron this for me, or I need a ride or I'm short of cash! Well, our flowerbeds had their own private storm yesterday and I guess that it what they have gotten used to here in NJ.

Yesterday was a delightful day. I met with my group of Monday friends and we went out to lunch. I had a California burger with all the stuff that makes it delicious and so bad for you BUT I really enjoyed it. Just cottage cheese and fruit for dinner!

I have a goal this summer of cleaning out my "spare bedroom" on my main floor. I can't call it a guestroom because the guest would only have a choice of sleep under tons of stuff ( aka junk) or draping themselves over it. There is a speculation that the rug in there is green but I have not seen it in years! As I have cleaned out and sorted over the past three years this room has become the resting place of choice for those things I just can't throw away. It also has all the stuff aka junk that supported my craft fair shows. All I've done to it in a few years is throw more stuff in and keep the door firmly closed! this summer I am going to get this room pared down to a reasonable amount of stuff aka junk. I'm going to use a modified flylady approach. Every day I will go in and clear away a garbage bag of stuff. It has to be thrown away of PERMANENTLY put away. NO MORE piles anywhere. Yesterday I filled the garbage pail and now I am sorting through a pile of patterns etc. (sad to see the names of so many places not around any longer) I want to be able to have a picture of this room on this blog by the end of the summer! I will not even CONSIDER a before picture. You have to come to my house and knock me down to see in there!

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Katya said...

Aw, just think of how GREAT a "before" and "after" photo would FEEL!!!

Good for you, getting your sleep! Bad for daughter for not turning off the sprinkler for you! Silly girl...

We have been getting rain and thunderstorms here. I am thinking if the sun doesn't make an appearance every now and then, all the plants are gonna rot!!!

My bedroom is a mess. So much to deal with and not sure HOW to deal with things!

Your knitting heaven got me looking at yarn at Web's today. I really would like to knit an Aran cardigan!