Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just Relaxing in Yarn Heaven

Yesterday, after I spread out my new yarn purchases to take a picture I just sat on the couch in the middle of all this yarny goodness and logged in my purchases in the stash section of Rav, then I started working on a new sweater for myself from the silk garden! I LOVE noro silk anything and it just jumped the line of all the other yarn waiting more patiently to get knit up. Both Katie (my associate daughter) and Courtney (my niece who is semi staying with us) ran in and said the same thing---"You look like you are in yarn heaven." Well they got it right but today instead of going to the beach I moved yarn heaven headquarters out to my backyard. I always seem to only go out at home to work in the garden or clean up etc. so today I went outside with coffee, a bagel, my Sunday NY Times, my laptop, the knitting and the dog. I'm going to stay out here all day and just veg out. Caroline and Courtney went to the beach, Katie went off to do errands so it is just me and Gizmo. I may even head over to the hammock soon!

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Katya said...

Oh, that sounds soooo inviting and cozy!!!! Good for you, Frances! You really do work so hard...good to hear you get to rest. Of ourse, Gizmo is probably tickled pink for the company as well!