Tuesday, June 09, 2009

June 9th

Not much new going on around here in knitting or quilting. I was too tired when I got home last night to do anything with the fat quarter land downstairs. I've been drooling over two quilting books in my spare moments at work.

I want to make a quilt from 60' degree triangles and just have fun with it. I also want to make a quilt for my friend's daughter's bridal shower and so my friend and I have been looking at books and planning.

Just 13 more days of school before I have LOTS of knitting and quilting free time.

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Katya said...

Oh, I bet you are going to have fun this summer!

What fun to have projects planned ahead! I haven't planned anything in such a long time....But I did make a "spontaneous" batch of soap a couple of days ago!

I think I see a "summer of color" ahead of you! Cannot WAIT to see all of your beautiful handiwork!