Saturday, June 27, 2009

retail therapy takes care of the blues

I woke up feeling a bit weepy and blue. School ended yesterday and while I know teachers are required to love the summer vacation (AND I DO), I am not doing any school work this summer, not going on a real vacation or doing anything big in the house AND I went to say good bye to my son who is going away until August. So I woke up feeling kind of blue and unfocused. I have about 4 or 5 years until I should retire and I was feeling a bit useless. THEN I went to meet a few yarn buddies. We met at B&N so after a quick latte to go, we headed out for a bag sale at a local yarn shop. OMG, I am so out of my feeling at loose ends. Now I know what I can do for the rest of my life, I can knit the yarn I got today! The deal was that you can stuff as much yarn as you can in a bag they give you for $25. I got 5 bags of STUFFED yarn. I am on Noro overload. 26 skeins of silk garden chunky, 10 skeins of matsuri cotton wool blend, 4 silk mountain, 11 skeins of colinette cadenza in 2 color ways, 44 skeins of RY Classic Yarns Natural Silk Aran!!!!!!!! If I had paid full price I would have spent $957!!!!!! (which I never would have spent in a million years. And 4 skeins of a new to me yarn from The Fiber Company, Terra in Acorn.

We had a nice brunch at a new restaurant then I found out about a local store with Birks on sale so I was required to head over and they had a sale BOGO 1/2 . So I got 2 pairs of Birk sandals for $105!!!

So here I am listening to Bruce Springsteen on my Ipod and looking forward to going to the beach Sunday. It will be a good summer!


Katya said...

WOW!!!! Frances, you hit the JACKPOT!!!! I am SOOOOOO jealous of the silk Aran!!! I have wanted to nit a nice Aran sweater for the longest time, but with the kids needing to be carted here, there, and everywhere, I have a hard time even finding time (and $$$) to buy yarn. You are so lucky! We don't have many yarn stores around here, so I guess that is one reason why I don't knit. When the kids were wee, I used to drive to a shop about 20 miles away, but it closed up many years ago.

Well, you have lots to look forward to, don't you! And you even found a great deal on some new treads!!! Good job!

knitnthings said...

OMG - where was that sale & why didn't I hear about it!!! Total score - I'm jealous!

Judith said...

Lordy, what a haul!