Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good News for Me!

Yesterday I got an email from my sister in California that she and her husband have gotten a ticket using their points for me to fly to California to visit with them at the end of August. I am so excited. Caroline will be out there at the same time for her job so we'll be all together for a while.

I had been hoping to squeeze out some money for a ticket for myself but there have been too many other expenses this summer. My sister has lived n Australia, Chicago, CT and now California. With my job, expenses and Bob being sick I only got to go to CT. Any suggestions on what to see in San Francisco?
I spent a few hours gathering up all my knitting books from the little hidy spots in my house and listed them all in Ravelry. Now I have them organized in a few bookcases in the family room. I have about 60+ books and some that are not possible to list AND that is not counting the Quilting books. I started to feel guilty about having so many then I just decided that lots of people have many cookbooks and they have not cooked everything from each book and they don't say well I will not buy a new book until I've cooked more from the ones they have! And I have used many of these books. Just organizing them brings back so many memories of things I've knit and would like to knit again. I should just feel lucky! not crazy!


Katya said...

YAY! I am so happy you are going to get to go to California!!! I have never been there. No idea what you should see, but I bet if you look online, you will find some ideas!

Organized knitting books! Good for you! I don't have many books as many were for babies and little kids. I gave those away to people who might need them more than I! I do have three Alice Starmore...I love her patterns. Gosh, I wish I could sit still long enough to knit again. With two teens in the house, it just seems impossible to concentrate anymore. Perhaps in a couple of years, things will settle down a bit and I will join you!!!!

Frances said...

You should be careful--- some people would knock you down and run away with those Alice Starmore (out of print probably )books. I would just sit and rool over them. I only have one Celtic something or another.