Thursday, July 31, 2008

Joined Ravelympics

I wasn't going to do it but I gave in and joined (with a very minimum twisting of my knitting arm) Teamjersey and I will do a sock during the Summer Olympics. We had fun with our team a few years ago during the Winter Olympics. I'm going to do a sock with my new STR club yarn.

I am just about finished with a new quilt for Caroline's friend. Just a bit more quilting then the binding and the label. I'll get it finished probably Friday because I am going to see Mama Mia tonight.

My friend's husband power washed my house yesterday and we had dinner together, vegetable lasagna and a really nice upside down peach cake. I'll miss this when I go back to work!

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Katya said...

Socks! I have never made socks! I made lotsa sweaters for myself but wore them all out! I HATE buying sweaters as they never fit as well as the handmade ones. (I am short-waisted!)

How nice that your friend's hubby power-washed the house!