Monday, July 28, 2008


I usually do not tink, (knit backwards --- pull out what I've just knit) BUT for whatever reason the Lady February Sweater is doing that to me! It is a simple pattern, seven stitches repeat over 4 rows two of which are purl! I normally can read my knitting and know when I've made a done something wrong quickly BUT with this pattern I just keep loosing the pattern adding or misplacing stitches!

I knit at a hot air balloon festival yesterday and when I got home I unknit everything I had done. Then when I looked at it again this AM I think I have more tinking to do! I may just go back to the sock for a while.

The balloon festival was nice, there was too much wind so they did not actually fly the balloons just cold inflated then and let everyone see them hooked up to the ground. Actually they are very beautiful but almost everyone had some type of commercial advertisement. Hopefully I'll get there next year and really see them go up.

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Katya said...

I love the hot-air balloon festivals! We have a HUGE one not too far away from home every labor day weekend....I love seeing all of the colors!!!!

Too bad that pattern is driving you nuts! Why is it ALWAYS the simple patterns that throw one? I know I had a lt of "rrrrriping" to do when I did the simple things. When I was knitting the Arran patterns, I never had trouble with all the twisting and cabling...Strange. Maybe it is because of the concentration level? I dunno!!!!