Saturday, July 12, 2008

Taking the Day Off

I'm on my way to the beach. The last few days have been very hectic. I'm just about finished painting the kitchen cabinets, the new counters and base cabinets should be done on Monday. I got my new living room furniture AND I love it. It is so nice to walk in the living room and not see mismatched and old stuff with throws concealing tons of old whatevers!

Gizmo is continuing to bring drama into the house! He was at the groomer on Thursday and she found a huge abscess on the glands near his backside. So we had an emergency visit to the vet and now the poor guy is on meds and hot compresses but is really doing better. Actually he is happy with all the extra treats going his way to hide the pills!

Today I am going to the beach with friends. I plan to swim, work on my sweater sleeve, get some sun, eat and just rest before the next round of day labor around here!

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Katya said...

I hope you had a blast on Saturday! We really do need some down-time and just time for relaxing in the midst of jobs like this! It takes so much effort and hard work!

Poor little Gizmo! Yikes! Well, I guess being a little dog, he is probably making the most of a bad situation. You are such a good nurse! hehehehe