Thursday, July 10, 2008

Moving Right Along

Yesterday I had lots of excitement with my dog. I was working on painting the cabinets and he has a history of being a pest around paint so I put him outside in the backyard. After a while he ran into the paint area and I though "Didn't I just put him out?" So I scooped him up again and put him out. When I went to check on him a while later he was gone. The gate was open and Gizmo was not to be found. Now. I'm in panic mode. I'm running around calling his name and one of my neighbors tells me that he found him out and tossed him back into the house! Didn't I feel like a fool to say I popped him back into the yard!

Luckily for me I found him. A boy from around the block saw Gizmo, thought he knew whose dog he was and put him in some one else's house! So while I was searching for him, Gizmo was playing with another Shih Tzu in an air conditioned house! Gizmo was Bob's dog. He was so worried about that dog when he was passing on. The one promise he asked me for was to take care of the dog! Now any of you who know me know that I am not a dog person. I always feel so guilty when something, anything happens with this dog. In spite of myself I am very attached to him. The couch we just just threw out was the couch Bob spent so many years on sick. I could not get rid of it for a long time. It is just over two years ago that he went into the hospital and his two year anniversary is on August 14th. Caroline and I have made so many changes to the house, I think he would be shocked at some of them but deep down I think he would be happy at how well Caroline, Steven and I are doing! And even the dog is doing OK. He gets groomed today so he will look nice and neat by mid morning.

I have the frame of the cabinets primed and half of the doors primed. The man at Lowe's tinted the primer the same color as the paint so I really think the cabinets will look good. I'll probably get the new cabinet and counters cone Sunday or Monday so pictures will follow by early next week!

AND my new furniture is coming between 11 and 2!!!!!!!


Siercia said...

How lucky that you were able to find him!

Silly animals.

Sounds like exciting times at your house, with all the painting and new furniture.

Katya said...

Oh Frances!!! I can imagine your anxiety at losing little Gizmo!!! How funny that he was having fun at another house!!! Your neighborhood sounds like one in the "good old days"! I am so glad you were able to find the little fellow and I bet you hugged him tightly once he was safely home!!!

It sounds like you are making terrific progress with the kitchen project. Oh, how I envy you! Mark just doesn't believe I would follow through..or, perhaps he thinks I just cannot accomplish tasks like I used to. Whatever, it is so frustrating to have him putting the kabash on everything I want to do.

I imagine if Bob were able to visit your house, he would commend you for how well you are doing. And that he was sorry he had to leave so prematurely. And, that you are so faithful in taking good care of Gizmo!!!!

You are one remarkably amazing woman, Frances!!!!

Cannot WAIT to see photos!