Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kitchen update

We have gotten lots of progress done on the kitchen. The cabinet is mostly installed, I need to wait for Lowes to get in the finishing kit and Joey still has some stuff to do then I can finish painting and start to move whatever into the cabinets. I'm planning on using one of them and my laundry room to store what is left of the soap business. My next big project is to dismantle the upstairs kitchen which used to be known as the soap kitchen and now is just the junk kitchen BUT I need to catch up financially and take a rest first!

BTW, I finished the red Mr Green Jeans sweater. It is just waiting for buttons and blocking and edging. Pictures to follow!


Katya said...

WOW! Love the kitchen, too! That wall color is so rich with the dark brown on the cabinets! When you are looking for colors, does Caroline help you? I would be kind of clueless myself, but you do so well. I hope you get everything finished up in good time so you can thoroughly enjoy it BEFORE you start school again! Hey, and remember to take some time to RELAX! hehehe

knitnthings said...

Lookin awesome!!! Luv the new couches!