Sunday, October 29, 2006

Let's Try This Again

I've been trying to post forever this morning and keep getting error messages SO I'm hoping this works. I got my Secret Pal box on Friday and I LOVE it. My daughter finally brought my camera back so I even have a picture of it! Cute sock blockers, which I've always wanted, a cute sock shaped purse and sock shaped needle protectors. ALL in blue which I love. I've had a busy weekend, ate out both Friday and Sat. night , went to the movies Sat. to see Man of the Year with Robin Williams, very funny and makes a good point. Sat during the day I did a cream, scrub and lotion marathon to get ready for my November show. Today I'm baking for a Bridal Shower at work on Monday. I made scones and a braided prune filled coffee cake. Later my mother and grandmother are coming to visit SO I need to get off this computer and take a look at this house through their eyes!!!!

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Becky said...

Trust me, don't look at your house through others eyes, LOL! every time I do that, it creates too much work and hassle, hehehehe
Have a good visit Frances! : )